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Subject: RE: integrate a special link
From: "Moss, Jeff (MBWAR it)" <Jeff.Moss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 16:19:27 +0100

Agreed - I follow Oracle closely being an ex employee and also specialising
in their technologies - so I'm also not a M$fan! - but M$ is one of the
leaders in this area (along with IBM and Oracle) so the next version of IE
will probably be closer to the current standard - how long that will be is
anybodies guess ? Hopefully a service pack will fix it ?

>From my perspective, I can't wait until someone designs a GUI XSL editor
environment which allows you to load any XML file/fragment and graphically
design how you'd like it to be displayed - not sure if anyone has built
this/will build it but if they do it would be cool....

For now I am just a novice at this leading edge technology and I must
unfortunately investigate it within the boundaries set by my current client
- which means IE5.

I'll be watching your site carefully for help in learning the technology -
hopefully one day I can contribute something.


PS - If anyone is doing XML/XSL with Oracle stuff I'd be interested to talk
to you over email about what you/I are doing....

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I am definitely not a M$ fan, but I dislike their ways they treat
costumers and it has nothing to do with their programmers. Some of their
programs are really cool  and I am quite sure that many of them are not
happy about the way Microsoft goes.
But there is one important lesson. 
M$ is a very important player in XSL and XML area. WE MUST PRESS ON THEM
TO REALLY COMPLY WITH STANDARDS. I am convinced that XML and XSL will
succeeded without MS, but much faster with MS.

"Moss, Jeff (MBWAR it)" wrote:
> Nic
> On the ActiveX front we can't use anything else as our needs are very
> bespoke (the activex builds a microsoft powerpoint presentation from the
> browser - so it does OLE stuff which isn't gonna be easy/nice with
> Netscape). Don't get me wrong though - I'm not particularly an MS fan!
> My data is derived from a database via an SQL query - it is then pulled
> to the client as raw XML with a reference to a stylesheet it should use to
> format it - I wanted to use XML/XSL to demonstrate it's power on the
> (IE5) so don't really want to make this a HTML thing as it kinda defeats
> purpose of the exercise - we've got plenty of dynamically generated HTML
> stuff within the applications we produce.
> For our needs it works fine with IE5 - I only use sorting/filtering in the
> XSL so it's basic stuff.
> I'll bear your thoughts in mind as I try to learn for the future though.
> Cheers
> Jeff

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