RE: eval tags and IE5

Subject: RE: eval tags and IE5
From: "Hunter, David" <dhunter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 11:48:23 -0400
microsoft-extension:xsl:eval converts an expression to a string; I don't
think it can convert 'alert("Hello World");' to a string.  So you might do
something like this:
<xsl:eval language="VBScript">"Hello " & "World"</xsl:eval> which would
return "Hello World", but I don't think anything would happen with an

But I haven't used the extension myself, so "buyer beware".  ;-)

David Hunter
MediaServ Information Architects

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Subject: eval tags and IE5

Hi guys, 

You sorted out my problem last time so I thought I'd try you again :-)

Can anyone tell me if there are any issues around using the <eval> tag in 

The reason I ask is that I've tried this:

        alert("Hello World");

Not a hugely earth shattering bit of code I grant you, but I think it 
should work nontheless :-)

here is the result:

Microsoft JScript runtime error Object expected line = 1, col = 0 (line is 
offset from the tag). Error returned from property or method call. 

Any ideas?


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