RE: XSLT text processing via regexp

Subject: RE: XSLT text processing via regexp
From: "Earl Bingham" <earl@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 12:20:45 -0700
You can do a number of different operations with
the text() value in your XSLs. I am currently doing
some work with stuff like this were I use the XT
parser and load a StringTokenizer object to grabe
the words I want.

- Earl

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Subject:	XSLT text processing via regexp

Can I post XSLT questions to this list?

I was wondering whether XSLT can or has
plans to parse element content.


<P>Welcome!  John</P>

I want to use regexp (preferably perl 5 regexp)
to get "John" instead of the entire content
"Welcome! John"


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