Iteration in XSL

Subject: Iteration in XSL
From: "Martin Kupisch" <kupisch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 15:53:12 +0100
Hi everyone,

currently I am working on connecting an XML-file with an XSL-file via
LotusXSL to get an HTML-file. So far, so good. My problem is: in the
HTML-file there is a table that needs conditional processing. Depending on
an specific element value, e.g. <level>4</level>, I need to get table cells,
<TD>. I.e., the value is 4, I would like to have 4 times <TD> in the result
tree. So, as I cannot find a way of iteration in XSL, I would like to know
if there is any chance of getting this achieved. Thanks for any suggestions

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