Re: No more 1957

Subject: Re: No more 1957
From: Duane Nickull <duane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 09:10:50 -0800

Hello.  It's Duane Nickull from XML Global.  Happy New Year.

In response to the latter prolems you are having,  I had talked to
Deborah Lapeyre about using our XML Search Engine to archive
and index the entire digest.  We could convert the threads to XML and
apply an XSL Stylesheet and have each thread indexed by the XML SE.  The
interface could then be placed on your website along with the
appropriate copyright notices etc.   

What we could gain from this is exposure.   YOu could gain a free SE
interface for your archives that uses XML / XSL.

If you and Deborah are interested,  please let me know.  I can arrange
to have all the code done in one or two days and the interface delivered
by email shortly after.

Duane Nickull

XSL-List Owner wrote:
> The problem with XSL-List digests with 1957 dates has been fixed.
> The problem with the XSL-List archive not being updated since November
> is being worked on.
> Regards,
> Tony Graham
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