Re: XSLFO fo:table-column alignment

Subject: Re: XSLFO fo:table-column alignment
From: alrb@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 20:38:16 -0500
You will have to specify


as well for the cells to get the value from the table columns (since the
value cannot be inherited in the normal way as the fo:table-columns do NOT
have any children as you correctly observe). See 5.5.4 in the January 12
Draft for a definition of the function.


"Sebastian Rahtz"
<sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on
01/17/2000 06:45:56 PM

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Nikolai Grigoriev writes:
 > As for the inheritance, I see no difficulty in it: table-columns are
 > supposed
 > to host inheritable features for their cell descendants (I mean
 > in the area tree, not in the result tree).

oh, are they? sorry, I missed that. even though <table-column> does
NOT have children?

 > A thing I probably miss: why do you need a special 'column-align'?
 > Do you see a special trait here that cannot be expressed by the old
 > poor "text-align"?

no. I was not thinking. "text-align" is fine.

are you telling me that <table-column text-align="center"/> is legal
now, and does what I want?


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