RE: Processor Performance

Subject: RE: Processor Performance
From: "WYSOCKI Adalbert" <waldi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 18:34:53 +0100
We did not performed tests using XP because our Business object model uses
and does need DOM structure whereas XP can not handle it and do not generate

What is about validations: Any of our tests did use validation in parsing. I
forgot to maintion this whereas it is very influent for performance test.

Apache's Xerces and Xalan have integrated LotusXSL and IBM parser keeping
their architecture so test performed using Xalan and Xerces should show IBM
tools performances.


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Subject: RE: Processor Performance

Very interesting, especially the difference between IBM and Oracle
parsers. But I don't see an entry for XT + XP? How does that compare?
were all the other tests run with a validating parser?

Another point to look at is memory usage. I simply cannot run my test
file with some processors, because I run out of memory.


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