Query Regarding XSL

Subject: Query Regarding XSL
From: Nilay.Shah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 15:26:37 +0530


I have created XML and want to apply XSL on that.  I want to is there a way
to find the number of child a particular node has?
For example suppose my XML looks like as follows:

<Emp id='1'>
<Emp id = '2'>

Is there a way to find the count of nodes for Emp=1 and number of nodes for
 The answer in first case should result in 7 while in second case should
result in 5.

Or is there a way to find the number of Employees?

How should I do it in XSL?

Please Reply,

Thanks and Regards,
Nilay.( XSL-List member)

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