Re: XSLT/XPATH jargon

Subject: Re: XSLT/XPATH jargon
From: "John E. Simpson" <simpson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:30:42 -0500
At 12:13 PM 01/20/2000 +0000, Pawson, David wrote:
I've 'lifted' various definitions from various places to try and put
together a jargon buster for XSLT.

Excellent idea!

(I haven't seen this acronym yet, but it might be worth inventing: NTFP, for "Name the Fine [XSL] Processor" you're using when posting a question to XSL-List. ;)

DOCUMENT ORDER: Normally top down, left to right traversal
of the document tree. [...]

Need to include any sort of statement wrt internationalization?

NODE TEST: A node test identifies a type of node in the
document, the simplest type being an element name.

Describe significance of the word "test" here?

NODE TYPE: There are seven node types: element, attribute,
text, processing instruction, comment, namespace, and
root. These are: the elements, attributes, text, processing
instructions, and comments in a document. Namespace nodes
represent the namespaces used in the document. The root node
is the root of the document. In every XML document, there is
exactly one root node, which the node that contains the
(optional) prologue and the document element.

Does the root node also include the (optional) "epilog"?

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