Subject: RE: XSLT/XPATH jargon
From: "Pawson, David" <DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 07:32:40 -0000
MK wrote:
>> > RESULT TREE FRAGMENT: Some part of the output resulting from
>> > triggering a template.
>> If `Output' here means output from the stylesheet, this is 
>> misleading as the RTF may be stored in a variable and never 
>output at all.
>Indeed. An RTF is a tree. It is not a fragment of a tree, and it is
>certainly not a fragment of the result tree. It is part of the state
>(working data) of a stylesheet during its execution. It is created by
>instantiating a non-empty xsl:variable element (or xsl:param or
>xsl:with-param) with no select attribute, and it can be used 
>in two ways: by
>referencing that variable in an xsl:copy-of instruction, which 
>copies the
>RTF tree (minus its root node) to the current position in the 
>current output
>tree (which may be the final result tree or another RTF), or 
>by referencing
>it in any other context, in which case it is converted to a string.
David also mentioned it may be 'created by instantiating a template'.

And why 'minus its root node'. Most trees die without a root <sob/> ?

>(The concept of the current output tree and its current 
>position are not
>defined in the spec but I think they are needed in any formal 

And you will have a go  Mike?
Why, thanks!

Regards, DaveP

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