RE: C++ libraries for XML/XSL

Subject: RE: C++ libraries for XML/XSL
From: "Duane Nickull" <duane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:24:59 -0800

This is not entirely true.  While java is probably the most widely-used
language for parsing and manipulating XML & XSL, it suffers in the speed
department.  We have experimented with Java vs. C/C++ vs. Perl and found
that the speed order (fastest to slowest) is:

C/C++  (almost the same)
Perl (a very close second)
Java (DFL)

Notes:  XML::Parser, the Perl XML parser is written over James Clark's expat
(written in C)

The lines of code required to complete a similar operation are also a good
indicator of language efficiency.  Perl wins here - hands down followed by
C/C++ and Java last.  The main factor in this test is Perl's Regular
expressions.  There are second to none for handling text.  A couple of Perl
Regex libraries have been made for Java which would help J-developers in
reducing the lines of code needed for some operations.

I will concede that Java does have many positive aspects but if it's XML/XSL
processing speed someone wants,  C or Perl are probably their best bet.

Duane Nickull,
expressing humble opinions...

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Subject: RE: C++ libraries for XML/XSL

> Can anyone suggest a reliable C++ library for XML and XSLT?
> Most work seems to be being done in Java, which doesn't help us at this
> stage.

Why not? Java is as good a way of producing COM components as any other.

Mike Kay

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