XT Output Errors w/Jbindery

Subject: XT Output Errors w/Jbindery
From: Jeremy Quinn <jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 10:32:02 +0000
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>With many thanks to Chuck White's tips on Dave Dawson's FAQ page
>(http://freespace.virgin.net/b.pawson/xsl/), I have XT/XP/SAX running on
>Apple's MRJ SDK 2.1.4.  The tests run, my own scripts run (from my win32
>xt.exe development), but the output is giving me the wrong line breaks
>such that I can only open the resulting files on UNIX, that dread ^M pops
>up everywehre so nothing will open these files (BBedit, all my old
>faithfuls, and the Mac finder calls the .xml files graphics . . . go
>figure-- Microsoft isn't the only hokey file response feedback sometimes).

It sounds like you need to re-build your desktop after having assigned the .xml
(and .xsl) suffixes to BBedit in the Internet CP. (There are also droplets that
will batch set file type/creator for you).

BBEdit opens, views, edits and saves files with any line ending, no problem.
It also handles MacRoman (obviously :) and Unicode, but not Latin1

If it would help, I wrote a Java Application Droplet for MacOS.
It is very rough and ready, is wired up to use Saxon (not XT), is configured
with a StyleSheet via JBindery, you drop a folder of XML files on it and gives
output files a MacOS type and creator. The code is a mess, but it works. You
could adapt it to use XT.

hope this helps
let me know if you want a copy.



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