Re: use of ID and IDREF pb

Subject: Re: use of ID and IDREF pb
From: Philippe Delrieu <phdelrie@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 18:18:47 +0100
Thanks for your replies.
My attribute was declared as ID or IDREF in my DTD. Perhaps it's a problem of the
parser. I will make some test with an other parser and give you the result. I have
to do a simpler example too because I use several DTD.

Best regards

Philippe Delrieu

Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> On 24/1/00 at 8:06 pm, owner-xsl-list-digest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (The XSL-List
> Digest) wrote:
> >Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 17:30:55 +0100
> >From: Philippe Delrieu <phdelrie@xxxxxxxxx>
> >Subject: use of ID and IDREF pb
> >
> >I use Java Xalan XSL parser.
> >
> >I divide my XML document in two sections :
> >   - resource declaration
> >   - document description that use IDREF to reference resource.
> >
> >In my output HTML page I want to replace the ResourceRef element with
> >the content of the Resource element. I use the id(@refid) function to
> >apply the Resource template, but it didn't work correctly. The Resource
> >template is not call.
> I believe that in order to get id() working, you have to declare your attributes
> as being of type "ID" in the XML file's DTD.
> Try putting something like this in your XML file: (this is from my DTD, it won't
> work with yours, until you edit it ...)
>  noise [
>   <!ATTLIST noise id ID  #IMPLIED>
>   <!ATTLIST text idref IDREF #IMPLIED>
>   ]>
> This states that in the document whose root node is called "noise", the "noise"
> element has an attribute called "id" which is of type "ID" and has it's value
> implied. Also that there is an attribute of the element "text" called "idref"
> whose type is "IDREF".
> This worked for me.
> regards Jeremy
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