Re: how to influence dtd processing?

Subject: Re: how to influence dtd processing?
From: Steve Tinney <stinney@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 19:55:59 -0500
I think this is difficult to do in the way you want with an XSL
processor.  The processor is dependent on its XML parser, and doesn't
even see the DTD.

Do you need the full DTD for XSL processing, and is it possible for you
to separate validation and processing for this application?  Perhaps you
could do validation with the full DTD, and XSL processing with a partial
one, listing, say, only the ID and namespace attributes?

A good way of doing this with SGML is to use different catalogs for
different purposes; this is more or less what you express a desire for
with setting different paths.  Perhaps you can find an XML parser that
implements the SAX api and also understands some form of catalog, and
integrate that appropriately (presumably by writing a Java class that
sets up the parser with the appropriate catalogs and then passes that to

This is not really an XSL question, on reflection.


"Mark D. Anderson" wrote:
> nsgmls has a command line -i option whereby "-iname" is the same as:
> <!ENTITY % name "INCLUDE">
> i'd like to do the same thing with xt (or any xslt processor). but
> i don't think they support it. i don't even see mention of how
> this can be done via their various servlet apis (didn't look too
> closely though; i'm mostly using command line xslt exe's now for ease
> of debugging).
> if i could access an environment variable from inside a dtd, that
> would do it.
> if i could set a search path for relative system paths
> (wrong sgml jargon, i'm sure), that would do it too: i could just
> do this:
> <!ENTITY % variable_settings SYSTEM "variable_settings.dtd">
> %variable_settings;
> and then have multiple versions of the file variable_settings.dtd
> in different directories.
> of if i could just have a -i command line option, that would do it.
> but i can't seem to find any lever with which to enable
> me to do this. right now, i'm going in and hand-editing the dtd
> each time i want to exchange an "INCLUDE" with an "IGNORE".
> if i don't hear of an other solution, then i'll have to stick
> an ugly hack in my makefile that automates that hand-editing,
> and/or generates the dtd on the fly....
> -mda
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