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Subject: RE: Which one to choose
From: Ben Robb <Ben@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 09:33:30 -0000
SQL 7 also has an XML plug-in which allows you to store SQL queries in XML
format and automatically output the results of that query in a well formed
XML. It is said to be much faster than ASP + COM, and seems to be fairly
stable when we've used it.

On another note, I would migrate from Access anyway - SQL 7 is much more
friendly to rapid application development than its predecessors, so you
might as well use the more powerful and faster SQL (or Oracle) server
(assuming you can afford the license, of course *grin*)

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> Ural,
> Portal sites typically strive for a personalized
> experience. Personalization involves tracking lots
> of information about each user, their interests,
> their preferences, their screen layouts, etc.
> Serving personalized content involved querying
> your content repository to match various per-user
> preferences/interests against your smorgasbord
> of articles, stories, streaming video/audio, etc.
> Having all your content removed from a database
> and stored physically as XML files, you'll lose
> the lightning-fast query times that enterprise
> relational databases can give the portal. The
> strategy most are going for is dynamically
> serving "slices" of data from (sometimes fairly
> hairy and finely-performance-tuned) SQL queries
> as dynamic XML content for XSLT-transforming
> it into:
>  -> industry-standard DTD's for data exchange
>  -> beautiful web pages
> Leading databases make this easy to do, to get
> the full performance, reliability, and 
> maintainability benefits of existing relational
> technology with the key benefits of XML.
> You might check out Oracle's free "XSQL Pages"
> technology and the accompanying XSQL Servlet that
> makes doing this *really* easy with your favorite
> relational database (including ACCESS, if you use
> the JDBC/ODBC driver) and your favorite servlet
> engine -- not only Oracle.

Steve Muench, Lead XML Evangelist / Consulting Product Mgr
Oracle Corp, Business Components for Java Development Team
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Subject: Which one to choose

| hi,,
| I am into a project where we have lot of content. In fact it is a portal 
| site. a IT related news tutorials etc are there.
| So far we were using ASP and MS ACCESS for our contents. ie, we were 
| storing all the file in our database. and depending on user request we are

| displaying to them. If we convert them into XML, then do you think it will

| be a good move or not. We have around 1500 articles in our site. I want to

| know wheter XML is a right technology for large amount of content or not? 
| If it is not then please suggest any other technology.
| rgds
| Ural
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