Re: Any XSL Based Internet Sites Out There?

Subject: Re: Any XSL Based Internet Sites Out There?
From: Chuck White <chuck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 13:34:33 -0800
Along those lines, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in helping to cull
together a best practices FAQ, or maybe just helping Dave Pawson by
collecting same and adding to his FAQ page.

We know XSLT works, but now the questions, at least for our company, revolve
around how does it fare at the enterprise level? A typical question
regarding best practices might center around how well servlet XSLT
processing transactions perform during heavy load sessions, and how best to
optimize systems to make these transactions work well, particularly when
Oracle, DB2, or even postgresql databases are involved. The latter may be
too weighted towards the XML side of things, but I do think it would be nice
to develop a resource that explored XSLT optimization contingencies within
EJB and other standards-based environments.

I'd be willing to contribute to this effort if I thought there was interest,
as long as nobody expected me to turn things around on a dime :)
on 2/24/2000 11:17 AM, Peter Bryant at pbryant@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Is there anyone out there using XSL to generate content for their web site?
> I'd be interested in hearing your experiences and finding out how widespread
> XSL is becoming.

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