Re: Core concepts in XSLT

Subject: Re: Core concepts in XSLT
From: disco <disco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 18:59:31 -0500 (EST)

Three is indeed a magic number, but I would have chosen a different set of
three core concepts...

> 1.	Templates are functions that are free of side effects.

I'd say core concept number one ought to state the general purpose and
dogma of XSLT: it is an XML application for transforming XML documents
with arbitrary complexity.

I'm also unclear on what you mean by "free of side effects," since
side-effects can be just about anything...

> 2.	Template rules are either
>       a) A named function, or 
>       b) A function that declares its intent

Here I'd say: transformations to XML documents are achieved through the
use of templates, which are either applied by name, or by encountering
document nodes to which a particular template states it is to be applied.

> 3.	Templates allow you to generate output from static and dynamic
> content.

This is important, but I'd reword slightly: transformations are not
restricted to apply only to static documents; they may be applied
progressively to dynamic content.

Am I making sense?

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