RE: "Simple" matrix transformation

Subject: RE: "Simple" matrix transformation
From: "Vun Kannon, David" <dvunkannon@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 17:03:55 -0400
	The dates as columns, salesperson as row presentation is a direct
map of the outer group to <table>, the inner groups to <tr>, and the items
to <td>. The pivot of this can be accomplished in two different ways (at
least). One is a more complicated stylesheet that assumes a lot about the
salesperson and date attributes. The second is to push the salesperson
attribute down into the items, eliminate the salesperson groups, then
regroup around the date attribute. After that series of transformations, the
presentation is as direct as it is in the first case. I prefer the second
route even though it uses four transformations in series, since each of them
is a useful tool in and of itself.
	It does not matter that the salesperson attribute is from a
different namespace in any of this.
David vun Kannon

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Subject: "Simple" matrix transformation

Oh XSL gurus ...

I have an XML snippet, like this:

<group name="annualSalesHistory">
<group salesperson="lynn">
<item date="2000-07-15">2000</item>
<item date="1999-07-15">1500</item>
<group salesperson="terry">
<item date="2000-07-15">3000</item>
<item date="1999-07-15">2000</item>
<group salesperson=alex">
<item date="2000-07-15">1000</item>
<item date="1999-07-15">1200</item>

How difficult is it to present this data as a cross-tab, first with dates as
columns and salesperson as rows, and then with dates as rows and
salespersons as columns?

<eccn />

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