Re: sub-documents with their own stylesheets

Subject: Re: sub-documents with their own stylesheets
From: Tom Myers <tommy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 13:13:19 -0400
Ken MacLeod <ken@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 > The question is: can I use XSL alone to take two XML docs, each with
 > their own stylesheet, and merge them in to one output document.

Umm, is it okay to bring in the web server here? You have A.xml and A.xsl,
B.xml and B.xsl, where presumably the xml files vary A1.xml, A2.xml,....
A93.xml... and similarly for B, and the xsl files are manually generated and
fixed, yes? If so, then you can configure your server...Tomcat, let's say,
so that A.xsl and B.xsl are servlets; with xt that's using XSLServlet and
I'm sure it's easy with Saxon &c too, and for testing purposes
generates the "A" output that you want, while
generates the "B" output.
Fine; your top-level stylesheet is C.xsl, and refers to each of these via

(Am I missing/forgetting something here? I usually do.)

Tom Myers tommy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, tom.myers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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