RE: Would you use Cocoon to a big project?

Subject: RE: Would you use Cocoon to a big project?
From: "Paulo Gaspar" <paulo.gaspar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 18:46:17 +0200
For me it is too big, too young, not enough documented.

I am using now using:
  Apache Tomcat: Web Server;
  FreeMarker   : A simple and efficient template mechanism that
                 our designers and I prefer to XSLT;
  Oracle       : A not too expensive database that indexes XML.

Freemarker is more tollerant than XSLT, which avoids a lot of 
wellformedness issues. Besides, it is more flexible for that 

It is simple, fast, well documented and has enough features to 
build on top of it. Ah... and it is OpenSource.

XSLT is great for other stuff, as XML transforming. But in my 
experience, Freemarker saves me a lot of time.

There are other interesting template mechanisms tolerant about
the well-formedness of your templates:
  - WebMacro (;
  - Tea (;

All Java Opensource.

Have fun,
Paulo Gaspar

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> I am also trying to use Cocoon.
> Here is a reference to a chapter on using Cocoon:
> In theory the framework looks pretty good.  I am just getting 
> started, however.
> I am trying to set up the example in the chapter and currently am 
> unsuccessful.
> The example is to display PDF from XML.  I have my CLASSPATH set 
> up correctly.
> I am able to start the TomCat servlet.  However, when I view the 
> xml page in my
> browser, I view the rax xml file without the XSL formatting.  If 
> anyone has been
> able to set up successfully, I would be interested to know.
> Brand
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