Checking node position

Subject: Checking node position
From: "David W. Black" <black_david@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 15:56:27 0000
Hi all,

I essentially have an undifferentiated list of elements (old html) that I need to transform to xml, and the only hooks I have are certain textual consistencies:



Thus I want to itentify the position of the <p> with text="head1" (ie. 2), the position of <p> with text="head2" (ie.5) so that I can then wrap all <p>s between 2 and 5 with an element in the result tree.

My problem is what XPath expression returns the 'correct' position?
//p[text()=head1] returns "1" (1st occurrence of p with text = head1), as opposed to "2" the position of p which _incidentally_ is head1 amongst all <p>s.

I can, I suppose, pre-process using generate-id() to ascribe and id attribute to each <p> and then do my transformations.... but I'd really like to ties this up in one stylesheet, not two?

Any ideas, anyone??



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