Re: real time transformations (fwd)

Subject: Re: real time transformations (fwd)
From: "C.V. Radhakrishnan" <cvr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 12:43:30 +0530 (IST)
> Suppose you are responsible for writing a web application where every page
> is personalized. Target: 1.000.000 customers. Would you dare doing it in
> Java using an architecture where the component developers are outputting XML
> and visual designers writing only XSL?
> The performance of the XSLT tranformations are scaring me to be honest.

> Using XML/XSL is the future, is what "they" say, but I wonder: is this
> /ever/ going to work in real-time applications?

Even though the performance of XML/XSL on the client side is exemplary, its
working on the server side is also equally good. Recently I had to
implement a XML/XSL system, in which I had used the application Server
Enhyda. The requirement was that all the browsers, regardless of whether
they support xml/xsl or xml/css, should be able to display an xml content.
For this I used  Saxon on the server side and created dynamically the HTML 
content from the XML using  XSL and the result was very good. Since I
had generated the HTML on the fly I need not worry about whether the
browsers support XSL or CSS. I am convinced that XML/XSL is going to work
in real-time applications.

C.V. Rajagopal

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