Re: xsl:output help or building svg from xslt

Subject: Re: xsl:output help or building svg from xslt
From: "Steve Muench" <smuench@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 22:38:43 -0700
Here's one that works for me:

  <xsl:output standalone="yes" doctype-system="svg-19990812.dtd"
             media-type="image/svg" indent="yes"/>

The indent is not required.

I'm using this in combination with the Oracle XSQL Pages
publishing framework which picks up the media-type from
the transforming stylesheet and sets it on the servlet output
stream. I found that earlier versions of the plug-in did
not like having the character-set information set along
with the mime type, so keep that in mind if you're doing
that as part of your servlet's response.

Steve Muench, Lead XML Evangelist & Consulting Product Manager
BC4J & XSQL Servlet Development Teams, Oracle Rep to XSL WG
Author "Building Oracle XML Applications", O'Reilly

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Subject: xsl:output help or building svg from xslt

| I need some assistance on the syntax for xsl:output to define the mime type
| of my resultant document which contains SVG.  If I save the result as a
| file with extension svg, the browser processes the document properly, ie
| invokes the Adobe plugin.  However, the same document as returned from my
| servlet (and not save to disk) simply displays as XML in IE5 not as a
| image.  From the w3c site, I believe the mime type is image/svg-xml.  My
| guess is to set the media-type in the xsl:ouput tag.  Anyone had success
| doing so?  I'm using XT.
| Cheers!
| Larry Mason
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