xsl-fo: dynamic headers with overflow, complex tables

Subject: xsl-fo: dynamic headers with overflow, complex tables
From: Harald.Weyhing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Harald Weyhing)
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 10:09:52 +0200
hi all,

i have two questions concerning xsl-fo

first, i need to automatically generate headers and footers with
automatic sizes.
my question is, if it is possible to use 'overflow' (or some other
feature of xsl-fo) to expand region-before or region-after automatically
in order to be able to define a small size for these regions in the
page-master that will grow with the content added later. of course this
should work without overwriting the content of the body region.

my second question is more complicated. i want to generate tables wich
fill multiple pages. here it would be necessary to always have a line
that consists of column-sums in the table-footer and in the header on
the next page. i know that this question does not fit into the area
concept of xsl-fo, but still perhaps somebody has some idea how to get
that done.

many thanks

harald weyhing

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