XML+XSL to HTML strategies advice needed please!

Subject: XML+XSL to HTML strategies advice needed please!
From: Dylan Parker <dylan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 09:16:07 -0700
Hello, all.

I have recently taken over the task of proposing an alternative to our straight
JSP => HTML framework. This is currently a poor excuse for separating content
and presentation.. so I went looking for something else. XML/XSL to the rescue.

Here is some things we would like to do :

- JSP->XML->XSLT->(HTML | WML | ...?) (all done on serverside)
- Localization (all text, images, prompts etc, would be in a specified language)
- Strong separate of content/presentation.

What I am curious about is different approaches and strategies for transforming
XML to HTML with XSLT.

For instance :

Is it advised that there be a separate XML structure (DTD) for each page? Yes
they will contain different information... and of course will be made as modular
as possible to promote structure re-use..

Is it advised to have different XSL files for each page?

Since all text and images will be localized for a specific (choosable)
language... how can one cleanly pass through things like link HREFs and and
image SRC-URLs etc..

I may not be making myself very clear right now... it is all very abstract to
me still.

I have looked at many examples and tutorials but they all seem to think that
everyone just wants to format a listing of books within an unordered list. I'm
more looking for complete site strategies and approaches... methods of re-use
and modularization across pages... templates and methodologies for reusing image
template and anchor templates etc...

Is anyone else doing this? I would be interested in what people have to say in
this regard,

Dylan Parker

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