Re: trimming xml output by number of characters

Subject: Re: trimming xml output by number of characters
From: "Steve Carton" <scarton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 23:52:19 -0400

</color>How bout 

<<xsl:template match="foo">


<<xsl:when test="string-length(.) &gt; 25">

<<xsl:value-of select="concat(substring(.,1,25),'...')"


<<xsl:otherwise><<xsl:value-of select="."<</xsl:otherwise> 




Matthew Haughey wrote:

<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param>> I have some xml describing things in a directory, and some have long 

> titles. I'm transforming with the MSXML parser on the server side to output 

> HTML, and I'd like to cut down titles longer than 25 characters, appended 

> with "..."


> I think I can pattern match with something like this:


> <<xsl:template match="foo">

>   <<xsl:if test=". &gt; 20"> (do something here, but I don't know what) 

> <</xsl:if>

> <</xsl:template>


> but I don't know how to filter out the longer titles and shorten the output 

> for those. Anyone have any ideas?


> thanks,

> Matt



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