Redefinition of a variable

Subject: Redefinition of a variable
From: "Joerg Colberg" <joerg.colberg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 100 11:50:18 EDT
   As a newbie, I was thinking that xsl:variables are real
variables. They're not (well, technically, they might be variables
but that's not what most users would call a variable but a 
constant). Inside an xsl, I am now using redefinitions of
variables and the processor I'm using (IBM LotusXSL 1.0.1)
allows me to do that. What I'm doing is to use

<xsl:variable name="temp" select="'somestring'"/>
<xsl:variable name="temp" select="'someotherstring'"/>

The code is way more complicated than this but you get the
idea. Now, I have the following question:
   Is what I'm doing "legal"? Or is it another bug in
LotusXSL (LotusXSL allows me to do something like
<xsl:variable name="temp" select="$temp + 1"/> where
temp is a number). I know re-defining constants is not
what one is supposed to to using recursive programming
but when you have to write a complicated xsl which itself
writes a complicated xsl then sometimes you don't really
care about your principles... ;-)

Dr Joerg M Colberg
Econovo Software, Inc

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