Re: Thank you Tony (was: XSL-list doomed)

Subject: Re: Thank you Tony (was: XSL-list doomed)
From: "Joerg Colberg" <joerg.colberg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 09:59:39 -0400 (EST)
   I don't quite get why some people here are so angry about the
loops. "Facts" got mentioned about things being broken for a long
time etc. etc. However, many of the people who complain are only
demanding things and they completely forget that all the people
who contribute to this list are volunteers. Given the fact that
Michael, Jeni, David, and everybody else don't get money for 
helping out everybody should just be grateful and that's it. I
myself have benefitted a lot from being able to get answers and
I don't mind deleting an email or two if some subscriber screws
up the list because of his/her shoddy email system. Thanks again,
Michael, Jeni, David and all the others for providing all the
answers and thanks Tony for your effort, too. 

- Joerg

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