Execute SQL-Query in Xalan-J 1

Subject: Execute SQL-Query in Xalan-J 1
From: tra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Thorbjoern Ravn Andersen)
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 10:01:08 -0400 (EST)
I have a three step pipeline with Xalan-J implemented as a servlet where
I issue a seperate processor.process call for each step (for caching

In the second step I have a SQL-statement constructed, which I would
like to have executed and the result converted to a XSLT-variable.
Those who have used SQLProcessor from the Cocoon project know the
approach - we are not interested right now in establishing the whole
Cocoon framework to have SQLProcessor or the SQL XSP tags (unless of
course, if that is the way to go).

I am, however, at quite a loss now, since I have been unable to locate a
suitable approach either at the Xalan pages (abeit version 2.0
apparently will have an interface for this) or at Google.

The reason for Xalan in the first place, is that it is used on other
projects internally, and we would like a common codebase.  

Is there anyone who have a hint of how I might accomplish my task at

Thanks in advance,
  Thorbj?ørn Ravn Andersen                   "...sound of... Tubular Bells!"

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