XSLT conference

Subject: XSLT conference
From: Dave Pawson <daveP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 18:17:29 -0400 (EST)
  [ANN] XSLT-UK 01 Announce. 

The first XSLT-UK conference will take place in the UK,
Sunday and Monday, 8-9 April 2001 in Keble College, Oxford,
England.  This is a two day event focussed on technical
development and use of XSLT, XPATH and XSL.

     XSLT Training.

     Ken Holman from Cranesoft will be presenting a full two
     day XSLT training session immediately prior to the
     conference, again in Oxford, on the 6th and 7th, for
     those wishing to get up to speed in this new
     technology. Since this will be restricted to the first
     50 places, please ensure you register early.

This is to be the first of its kind in the UK, covering
this fast developing field, and will have a technical focus
for users and implementors. In other words, this is a
conference by developers and users, for developers and
users. Expect interesting presentations on a range of XSL
related topics from some of the worlds leaders in this
technology. If you come wearing a suit we won't actually
turn you away, but we don't need your business so badly that
we're willing to lower the level of discourse.

     Outline Programme After a brief outline of the
     technology, approaches to XSLT will be covered,
     including the switch from procedural programming, and
     some design patterns for XSLT.  This is followed by
     presentations on middleware usage, one of todays hot
     homes for XSLT.  Example applications of XSLT will be
     presented, followed by an introduction to XSL-FO,
     showing the potential of this working draft in the area
     of high specification layout for paper and the web.  A
     presenters panel will be aligned to answer any of your
     questions at the end of day 2.  Who should attend?
     Implementors, developers and users.

    Duration?  It will be a full two days providing a chance
    to meet the names on the XSL list and put a face to them!
    You will have a chance to ask your questions at the
    experts panel session.


    We have booked accommodation and conference facilities at
    the historic Keble College, Oxford, within easy reach of
    London's Heathrow Airport


     The speakers will include those names from the XSLT list
at Mulberrytech.com who can answer all the questions, and
even have techniques named after them!  The following
speakers have indicated their intention to participate:
David Carlisle, Ken Holman, Tom Kaiser, Mike Kay, Steve
Muench, Arved Sandstrom and Jenni Tennison.

   If you would still like to speak at this event, please
submit an outline paper covering the topic and length by 20
November 2000, there may still be room for you. All papers
will be acknowledged.

   Sponsors are sought for the event to cover handouts,
proceedings and a social event.

Conference costs are yet to be finalised, but will be less
   than 250 UK pounds.  The organisers are:

    Dave Pawson DaveP@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Sebastian Rahtz
     Registration url will be posted shortly.  

We'll keep you informed of developments on this page.

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