RE: Paging using XSLT

Subject: RE: Paging using XSLT
From: Jeff Saylor <JSaylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 16:15:54 -0400 (EST)
Without a doubt - do your paging (rather, your paging calculations) at the
db level.  Otherwise, with large result sets, you end up shoving a high
percentage of unneeded data up from the db layer to the middle tier... ugh.

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Subject: Re: Paging using XSLT

"Xu, Xiaocun" wrote:
> Hi,
>         The solution suggested here seems to be solution to my problem
> "Display multiple pages": I have a XML document that could have over 1,000
> database records, and I would like to split them up to multiple pages for
> display purposes, with Prev and Next button to advance between the pages.
>         The solution you suggested is two-steps: incoming XML already
> separated by pages, XSLT translates them one by one.  I was hoping to do
> these in XSLT so that parameters such as maxLinesPerPage can be controlled
> within the XSLT.  With the two step process, such customization needs to
> done in the XML generation process which is not as flexible.  Is there no
> way to do something like this all within XSLT?
> Thanks,
> Xiaocun Xu
> xxu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We had a similar Problem. DataBaseRecords >
20.000. We tried bits an pieces with XSLT. Didnt
work out. IMHO the only reasonable solution is to
do the paging in the Database.

We use JDBC to acces the DB. Some Databases do
support forward, backward and stepping inside
cursors but some dont. So this is tricky in any



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