Whitespace within tags

Subject: Whitespace within tags
From: jennifer@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 14:43:51 -0400 (EST)

I've just started with this so forgive me if this is an oversimplified question 
but I have looked around for an answer and am stumped. 

I have written a procedure in pl/sql that accepts a query (among a few other 
things) and generates an XML document using Oracle's XML SQL Utility 
(XSU) using the xmlgen package in particular to generate the xml.
It generates the xml document fine except for these breaks that are 
appearing within some of the tags which gives me errors when I try to 
display them in the browser with the stylesheet.  I tried adjusting the 
linesize and nothing.  I don't know why the xml generator is doing that and 
can't find anything on troubleshooting this.
Has anybody ever ran into that before? 
Jenn :-)  

This is my XML document:
<?xml version = '1.0'?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="http://www.nbcakingston/customreports/xml-
stylesheet1.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
   <ROW num="1">
      <NAME>Jane Austen</NAME>
   <ROW num="2">
      <NAME>Emily Bronte</NAME>
   <ROW num="3">
      <NAME>Stephen King</NAME>
   <ROW num="4">
      <NAME>Jennifer Gilmore</NAME>
   <ROW num="5">
      <NAME>Agatha Christie</NAME>

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