ANN: selectParameters utility

Subject: ANN: selectParameters utility
From: Jeni Tennison <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 10:44:03 +0000

The 'selectParameters' utility is an XSLT stylesheet to help you to
make stylesheets that do dynamic client-side transformation based on
parameters selected by the end user.  Common examples are:

* changing how tables are sorted
* displaying different sections of an XML page
* altering the language that the page should be displayed in

You import the utility into your parameter-using stylesheet, document
the parameters that you use in it, and call a template to add a form
to the page. The input fields are automatically generated based on the
documentation of the parameters. The end user fills in the form, and
the values of the input fields determine the parameters to be used in
the next transformation. Submitting the form reloads the XML and
transforms it using those parameters.

As the utility relies on client-side transformation and scripting, it
will only work with MSXML version 3 (July or later).

The stylesheet itself, instructions for using it, a small example and
a detailed explanation of how it works, are all available from:

if you haven't got MSXML July or later installed)

I hope that this is useful to you.  If you have any comments or
suggestions, please let me know.


Jeni Tennison

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