FOP and the 'keep-with-next' attribute

Subject: FOP and the 'keep-with-next' attribute
From: "John Power" <john.power@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 17:47:00 -0000
I've been using XSLFO on and off for a few months now with FOP and there is
one problem that I keep coming up against: the attribute 'keep-with-next'.

According to the spec, 'keep-with-next' takes one of three types of
alues  - "always", or an integer.
According to the FOP homepage, 'keep-with-next' is implemented. However,
when i use "keep-with-next" of a value of 'always', i get this warning:
"WARNING: Unknown value for keep-with-next: always"

The processor recognises the attribute name but it fails to understand the
value given. This also happens with "auto" and an integer.
So, my question is: what value is FOP expecting? and, connected to that,
does "keep-with-next" work in FOP?

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