outputting partial html from a template

Subject: outputting partial html from a template
From: Matthew Hixson <mhixson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 14:38:02 -0800
I have a chunk of HTML which I would like to put in a header template so that I
can include it at the top of all of my pages.  The problem is that this chunk
of HTML has an opening <td> tag, but no closing one.  The closing </td> will be
at the end of the page, after the page content (outside of the header
template).  Is there a way in XSL to say "everything within this tag should be
copied literally and not validated by the XSL parser"?  I've tried <xsl:text>,
<xsl:copy>, and <xsl:copy-of>.
  I'm using Resin/1.2.b2 and I don't know if this particular parser wants all
tags to be closed within the same template, or if that is a general XSL-ism. 
Can I open a <td> tag in one template and close it in another?
   Any help would be appreciated.

Matt Hixson
Aventail Corporation
Seattle, Washington

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