Re: Repeating something "n" times.

Subject: Re: Repeating something "n" times.
From: robert@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 17:12:21 -0800 (PST)
You're kidding me I have to do that? It'll work but is that the way it's
done in XSL?

This won't work in my case because my template does stuff before it
outputs the <BR>'s and I don't want it to do that stuff again and I really
didn't want to have to factor that code into another template because then
I have to pass a parameter that spans two templates.

On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Mike Brown wrote:

> robert@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > How do I repeat something 'n' times without a node list with n elements?
> Put the task in a named template that takes a numeric parameter and, if
> the parameter is greater than one, calls itself when it's done, passing
> in the parameter minus one.
>    - Mike
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