RE: SAX mode, DOM mode and caching

Subject: RE: SAX mode, DOM mode and caching
From: "Kevin Jones" <kjouk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 22:09:10 -0000

> Hi,
> It is well known that XSL processors are usually faster in SAX
> mode than in DOM mode : XT is a good example.

You need to be clear about what you mean here. All current XSLT processors
use a internal object model that may be a DOM or a proprietry model. If you
pass SAX events as input the processor still builds an object model. I don't
think there is any generic reason that creating an internal model from
SAX events should be any quicker than from a DOM.

> However to allow the caching of documents and stylesheets, I patched XT to
> add a hook in the DOM mode for a cache. So I now use it in a "cachable"
> mode which is faster than SAX.

I am assuming you are caching the XT internal OM not a DOM per say. If so
the speed improvement is simply because you are not building the XT
internal object model each time.

> I've been thinking of a cacheable queue of SAX events. I would like to
> the opinion of you, folks, about this idea before trying to implement it.

XT is still going to have to convert those SAX events into a object model
before it can use them. There is some saving in not re-parsing the original
XML but it won't match caching the XT object model.


> Tangi
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