Accessing the document.XSLDocument

Subject: Accessing the document.XSLDocument
From: Bharat.Chintapally@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 17:54:33 -0500
I am trying to set couple of params on the stylesheet and reapply the
Stylesheet to the Document based on some user action (Paging), My
JavaScript function looks like the following (thanks to Jeni T) but I am
unable to access the object document.XSLDocument.

The MSXML doc says the following, but I am getting error that
document.XSLDocument is undefined when I try to access it.
     The document.XSLDocument property returns the root node of the XSLT
     style sheet document.

function displayPage(startRow, endRow) {
            XSLStylesheet = new ActiveXObject('Msxml2.XSLTemplate');

            XSLStylesheet.stylesheet = document.XSLDocument;  // Failing

            XSLTProcessor = XSLStylesheet.createProcessor();
            XSLTProcessor.input = XMLDOM;
            XSLTProcessor.addParameter('startRow', startRow);
            XSLTProcessor.addParameter('endRow', endRow);

Any pointers or ideas??

Bharat Chintapally
CommerceQuest Inc.
New Phone # 813-639-6478

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