RE: Merging TWO XML documents into ONE

Subject: RE: Merging TWO XML documents into ONE
From: Bassi Suk <bassi.s@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 04:25:20 -0500
I have two XML documents that need to be merged into one.

I am using the Xalan 1 XSLT processor. From the documentation it appears
that only one XML document can be passed in, together with a XSL stylesheet.

Performance is an issue here. I want to use a Java call to provide the XSLT
processor with the source document and the stylesheet.

What is the most efficient way of merging to XML documents into one?

[The second document has certain attribute and element content which needs
to be placed in the target XML document.

I thought of creating creating a XSL stylesheet "on the fly", i.e. get the
attribute and element content data and hard-code it into the stylesheet
which will change the main XML document into the target XML document. Is
there another way?]



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