Re[2]: Generating Javascript with HTML tags

Subject: Re[2]: Generating Javascript with HTML tags
From: Jeni Tennison <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 10:24:49 +0000

> I tried both and it actually bolds the words "FldrDesc (2)". Can
> anyone else think of another way of keeping it a literal string of
> "<b>" and "</b>"?

Doesn't that depend on how gFld interprets the string it is passed?
Assuming it's interpreting it as XML/HTML, to stop it from
interpreting the <b>...</b> as a bold element you need gFld to be
passed the string:

  "&lt;b&gt;FldrDesc (2)&lt;/b&gt;"

In this case, you need to construct some Javascript that looks like:

  fldr1 = insFld(fT, gFld("&amp;lt;b&amp;gt;FldrDesc (2)&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;"));

which you can do in your XSLT either with the above line or with:

    fldr1 = insFld(fT, gFld("&lt;b&gt;FldrDesc (2)&lt;/b&gt;"));

I hope that helps,


Jeni Tennison

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