RE: Question regarding XSL

Subject: RE: Question regarding XSL
From: subramanian <subramanian@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 17:05:25 -0800
very much,
you can using the document object model.
take the two xsl files into two different doms and
perform the transform node operation of the dom.

thus you can change associate different xml files at runtime.
you can also have one xsl which accepts parameters and
change the behavior of the xsl file.


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Subject: Question regarding XSL

Hi all,
 I want to know if it is possible to associate different XSLs with a
particular XML at runtime. If say, for condition A I want to associate a.xsl
and for condition B, I want to associate b.xsl with a XML file, can I do it
and if so, how? Would it be possible for me to dynamically change the href
of the XML tag?
 Hope someone can help!!
Thanks and regards,

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