Re: Can I access elements in the output tree?

Subject: Re: Can I access elements in the output tree?
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 11:40:40 GMT
> Looking at (section
> 16.1) some more, it looks like the behavior is within the bounds of the
> recommendation. The XML output method renders a wellformed XML external
> general parsed entity:

but you can't add a text declaration to the file by using
 <xsl:processing-instruction name='xml'/>
because processing instructions can't have the name xml.

> That is the TextDecl is optional.
> The example was compliant after all.

The desired linearised output was compliant, but the stylesheet used to
get it was not compliant.

> This strenghtens my perception of
> the fact that the xml output method renders a document [1] rather than an
> extParsedEnt [78].

Normally it is making an external parsed entity: You can output more
than one top level element below the root node. This wouldn't be allowed
in an XML document.

If you specify you want a DOCTYPE declaration, and also try to output
multiple element children of the root node then you are in error.

> And why does the xml output method in one case omit the TextDecl [77] and in
> an other insert it?
It should always insert it unless youve specified
omit-xml-declaration = "yes"


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