unparsed-entity-uri ??

Subject: unparsed-entity-uri ??
From: "Carlberg, Anders" <Anders.Carlberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 14:05:42 +0100
I'm using:
Xerces Java Parser 1.2.1 Release
Xalan-Java version 1.2
i have a problem parsing url's (http://...) ,i want to use some kind of url
I have found this: 'unparsed-entity-uri' in the XSLT 1.0 spec. but it dont
seem to work.
I this a bug? Is there any other way to url Encode in XSLT ?
Using other functions in XSLT, or using other xsl: commands?
I only need to replace space with + and 'å','ä','ö' with
It dosent have to be perfect.. 
(this is the error message i get)
        at org/apache/xalan/xpath/dtm/DTMLiaison.getUnparsedEntityURI
        at org/apache/xalan/xpath/FuncUnparsedEntityURI.execute
        at org/apache/xalan/xpath/FuncLoader.execute (FuncLoader.java:108)
        at org/apache/xalan/xpath/Function.execute (Function.java:115)
        at org/apache/xalan/xpath/XPath.executeFunction (XPath.java:1271)
        at org/apache/xalan/xpath/XPath.execute (XPath.java:1380)
        at org/apache/xalan/xpath/XPath.execute (XPath.java:1354)
        at org/apache/xalan/xpath/XPath.execute (XPath.java:311)
        at org/apache/xalan/xslt/ElemValueOf.execute (ElemValueOf.java:186)
        at org/apache/xalan/xslt/ElemTemplateElement.executeChildren
        at org/apache/xalan/xslt/ElemTemplate.execute
        at org/apache/xalan/xslt/ElemCallTemplate.execute
        at org/apache/xalan/xslt/ElemTemplateElement.executeChildren
        at org/apache/xalan/xslt/ElemTemplateElement.childrenToString

Thanks in advance.
  Anders Carlberg <anders.carlberg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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