Re: A new twist on attributes vs elements

Subject: Re: A new twist on attributes vs elements
From: "Terris" <terris@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 09:54:18 -0800
I agree with you about prefering attributes
but I ran into the case where
column names don't follow xml-names.  For
example depending on the vendor the names
can contain spaces.

Which means you can't use column names
as element names either.

Major bummer...

This is what I had to settle with...

<column name='foo'>data</column>

You could put the data in an attribute
as you like....

Furthermore if a column value is null how
would you represent that with attributes.


<column name='foo' xsd:isnull='true'/>

I'm not sure if the XSD spec supports null
attribute values.

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Subject: A new twist on attributes vs elements

> I have seen a great deal of discussion recently about converting return
> from SQL ( cursors, recorsets, datawindows) into XML strings. All of the
> examples extract the column names of the return set and create XML with
> them. While this method is probably more efficient for storing and
> retrieving XML data in a relational database it is inferior when it comes
> navigating the DOM.  I would much prefer to work with attributes (when
> make sense) than a myriad of embeded elememts. Has anyone else recognized
> this as an issue and if so how did you resolve it...TIA
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