<xsl:template match="...">

Subject: <xsl:template match="...">
From: "Alexander Ruehl" <mar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 16:26:40 -0700
I'm new to XSL, but as far as I know, the following code would look for a
node named "name" and, if matched, output the containing elements:
<xsl:template match="name">
 <b>Name found.</b>
But if I open a XML file which uses this XSL, even if there is no node
"name", the output is "<b>Name found.<b>". So, whatever I put in 'match',
e.g. "hdgsgdsgfjhgdsjfhgd", the included part is written out.
What goes wrong here?

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