RE: xalan performance

Subject: RE: xalan performance
From: Lucio Piccoli <Lucio.Piccoli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 09:54:37 -0000
i had a similar problem with Xalan. I tried out the SUN 'translet' XSLT
Compiler. It had a marked improvement of serveral orders of magnitiude. I
know that the XLSTC is alpha but it is an option.


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> Subject: xalan performance
> I'm using Xalan 1.2, and I'm having quite severe performance 
> problems in a
> web based application that I have built.  My XML stream takes about 3
> seconds to create, but then actually applying XSL to the XML 
> to generate
> HTML is taking a further 10-13 seconds.  I've tried precompiling the
> stylesheets, but I only save about 1 second.
> My stylesheets are nested hierachically (I have a master 
> sheet which imports
> subsheets, and they in turn can import subsheets themselves - 
> this helps me
> manage the complexity of the sheets.
> I'm at wits end - is there anything that gives better 
> performance than this
> (Open source or pay cash)
> (I'm on a high spec Solaris machine, with JDK1.2)
> Any pointers appreciated - I've started doing page caching, but for a
> dynamic app, this is not really ideal...)
> Peter McEvoy
> Senior Technical Analyst
> IONA Technologies PLC
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