Unicode Enitity &#8226

Subject: Unicode Enitity &#8226
From: "Melvyn Rosengarden" <melrose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 20:42:01 -0500
I have a simple problem that is fairly complex to explain. Within a  .jsp
page I have a call to a java bean to perform an XSL transform and return the
resulting HTML . I am explicitly using the UTF-8 encoding in my XML
declaration. Within my XSLT I am outputting the entity &#8226; ( the solid
bullet character). When my transformed HTML renders inside the "container"
page &#8226;  appears is giberish. If I place the  &#8226; entity  in the
calling .jsp page it always renders correctly.  When I change my browser
font to utf-8 the character is then correct. I just can't seem to get this
right. Why would I require a utf-8 character set for the transformed HTML
and not the static ????   Any help would be appreciated.

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Melvyn Rosengarden

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