Re: ANN: XSLTDoc Alpha

Subject: Re: ANN: XSLTDoc Alpha
From: Michel Goossens <Michel.Goossens@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 10:26:53 +0100 (MET)
Thanks to Jeni for her interesting tool,  
> I've been working on a little XSLT application to help people browse
> their stylesheets....
> To use it:
> ...
> 3. load xslt-doc.xsl
Load it into what? If I run it with saxon or xalan, it generates me an
HTML file using Forms. Do you mean I have to run it with IE5?
> As an alpha, I'd welcome testing and feedback.  Let me know what you
> think, and especially if you find any bugs or have good ideas for
> improvements.
As I am looking in detail at Norm's XSL-FO stylesheets of DocBook, I have
a hard time following the way variables, parameters, and modes are used
and defined. Therefore, in the same spirit as Jeni's stylesheet, does 
anybody know of work that went on in making a stylesheet (or building the
functionality into an XLS parser) that can produce a cross-reference list
of places which templates are defined/referenced, with which
parameters (if they are named), and modes. Also, where variables are
defined and used. As modular stylesheet design distributes definitions and
references over a lot of files, to a "newcomer" it is not always evident
where to look if one wants to customize the titlepage or the running
headers, for instance. Thanks for any information about such a tool.
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