ANN: Unicorn XML Processor, Version 2

Subject: ANN: Unicorn XML Processor, Version 2
From: Alexey Gokhberg <alexei@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 14:48:45 +0100
Dear colleagues

The new product - Unicorn XML Processor, version X-2.00.00 - is
available. It is the first in the new generation of Unicorn XML-enabling

The software design is focused on achieving the interoperability between
various modern XML-enabling technologies. Implemented in C++, the
product is fast, compact, easy to install and to use.

Unicorn XML Processor is a stand-alone ECMAScript interpreter that
supports a rich set of built-in extension objects. These objects
implement various XML-related features:

    - non-validating XML parser
    - XML writer supporting XML, HTML and text output methods
    - SAX2 (Simple API for XML version 2.0) interfaces
    - DOM (Document Object Model) Level 1
    - XPath expressions and node-sets
    - XSLT processor and XSLT pattern matching facility

The native implementation is provided for all these technologies - no
additional 3rd party software is needed.

In addition, the following general-purpose features are supported:

    - regular expressions
    - I/O operations for text files

The XSLT processor, which forms an integral part of the product,
supports various XSLT extensions:

    - Object-based extensions
    - Report generation extensions
    - Text input extensions

The software is free (see the license included in the distribution) and
can be obtained at

It runs on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95.

Kind regards,

Alexey Gokhberg
Unicorn Enterprises SA (Switzerland)

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