ANN: XSLTMark 1.2.1, first comprehensive XSLT benchmark

Subject: ANN: XSLTMark 1.2.1, first comprehensive XSLT benchmark
From: "Eugene Kuznetsov" <eugene@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 14:15:58 -0500
DataPower announces XSLTmark, an XSLT benchmark and a small compliance
testing suite. Version 1.2.1 is available now and is the second release to
the general public. We are now releasing both drivers and preliminary
benchmark results for MSXML, Sablotron and the new version of Saxon.

There are about 40 different testcases in this release (see documentation
for descriptions and several third-party credits). A variety of java and
C/C++ processors are supported, and drivers for other XSLT engines are easy
to add. Source, makefiles and some binaries are being released for Linux
Win32 X86 and Solaris SPARC. Other platforms should be easy to support.

For more information, please see:

We are also making available some updated preliminary benchmark results
for several popular and well-regarded XSLT processors. We welcome comments,
benchmark results submissions and new test drivers for other XSLT
(See list for drivers that already exist).

XSLTMark -- First XSLT Benchmark

DataPower's XSLTMark is the first comprehensive benchmark
for measuring the performance of XSL processors. It can be used to test
the XSLT performance of XSL processors for XML-to-XML and XML-to-HTML
transformations. It also provides basic compliance testing to ensure that
benchmark results are not distorted by incorrectly functioning processors.
The benchmark is a java application that uses a "Driver" class to
communicate with the XSL processor under test. Both java and native
(C/C++) processors are supported, with driver modules available for many
popular XSLT engines on a variety of platforms. XSLTMark is currently
being used for performance and compliance testing at DataPower, but also
has a core suite of tests to yield benchmark figures for external
comparison purposes.

* Processing throughput measurement
* Normalized score calculation
* Balanced test suite
* Optional standards compliance testing
* Support for processors written in both java and C/C++
* Cross-platform operation
* Test drivers for most popular XSLT processors:
	- XT (James Clark)
	- Saxon (Michael Kay)
	- Transformiix (Mozilla)
	- Xalan-J (Apache)
	- Xalan-C++ (Apache)
	- MSXML (Microsoft)
	- Sablotron (Ginger)

System Requirements:
* Java runtime compliant with JDK 1.1.8 or later
* Platform suitable for processor to be tested

* Version 1.2.1 available for evaluation download

\\ Eugene Kuznetsov
\\ eugene@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
\\ DataPower Technology, Inc.

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